Transfers to Morro de São Paulo

There are 3 transfer options to Morro de São Paulo from Salvador Airport.

We make your transfer from the airport or hotels in Salvador to Morro de São Paulo , with reserved places in all means of transfer to Morro, by sea, semiterrestrial or air crossing.

►►► Option 1 , and most sought after, is by direct sea crossing, with an estimated time of 2 hours and 30 minutes. The crossing is operated by 3 companies (Biotur, Ilha Bela and Farol do Morro), between the Maritime Terminal of Salvador and the Pier of Morro de São Paulo . To arrive at the Salvador Maritime Terminal, the transfer from the Salvador Airport has an estimated time of 35 minutes, if the traffic in the city is normal.

If you don’t want to buy only the tickets for the sea crossing, we also do the sale. And we reserve your places in advance.

►►► Option 2 , with more schedule alternatives, is a combination of short sea crossings and land sections. It is called semiterrestrial and is operated by Cassi Turismo. The passenger takes a transfer from the Salvador Airport to the Salvador Maritime Terminal, where he embarks for the crossing to the Island of Itaparica, with an estimated time of 20 minutes. In Itaparica, take land transportation to the city of Valença, with an estimated time of 2 hours. The final section is the sea crossing between the Valença Pier and the Morro de São Paulo maritime terminal , with an estimated time of 15 minutes.

►►► Option 3 , the most comfortable and also the most expensive, is the air transfer between the Salvador Airport and the Morro de São Paulo airstrip , which is located on 4a. beach. The air transfer is operated by 2 companies (Aerostar and Adey Táxi Aéreo), in small planes with capacity for up to 8 passengers and luggage. Estimated travel time is 25 minutes.
In Morro, the plane operator drops off and picks up passengers at hotels.

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