Morro de São Paulo Informations

In Morro de São Paulo there are no streets, only sand, therefore there are no cars. The bags are taken to you in taxis (trucks). If you are staying on the second, third or fourth beach, you should bring change to pay the “taxis” upon arrival in Morro. This way you will avoid fatigue and help the locals.

For the preservation of the island, a fee (TUPA – “Tarifa por Uso do Patrimônio do Arquipélago) of BRL 30 is charged to enter only once. You pay at the dock when you enter.

If you don’t want to damage your new mesh, you’d better get a slightly older mesh.

Wear light clothing: dresses, shorts, skirts and blouses, shorts, muscle shirts, t-shirts or shirts. Don’t forget to bring tights, flip flops, and sun protection (sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses). The sun burns strong!

In Morro de San Pablo you will find a great variety of landscapes and colors, well-closed bays, coral reefs, and a sea that varies between intense blue and the most crystalline waters. The beaches of Morro de São Paulo are very different from each other and each one has its own charm, so if you are staying on the island and have enough time, you cannot miss the opportunity to get to know each one of them.

The beach closest to the town of Morro de São Paulo and its port is the First Beach of Morro de São Paulo . Going down from the hill towards the coast, you immediately come across this small beach, 300 meters long. It is the area where the first summer houses were built. Today these buildings are mostly small inns, shops, restaurants, and rental houses. On this beach you will find kiosks that provide gastronomic proposals and musical background.

The First Beach of Morro de São Paulo is known for being the one with the most maritime attractions. Here you can do a banana boat ride, rent surfboards and diving equipment. Although it has an extensive barrier reef, it is the only beach in Morro de San Pablo that has waves that are good for surfing. The beach is also the arrival point for those who come down from the lighthouse on a zip line.

The Second Beach of Morro de São Paulo is located right next to the First and is slightly larger than the latter. It is the most popular beach for young people, and the scene of dances and parties that last all night until dawn. Here you can practice sports in the sand such as volleyball, soccer, tennis and paddle tennis. In the kiosks you can buy caipifrutas or fruit juices while listening to music, and try the typical Siri casquinha, cakes, sandwiches and beach sushi. At sunset you can be a spectator of a round of capoeira, or even take injuries to participate in the practice yourself.

Going around Ilha da Saudade, you reach Morro de São Paulo’s Third Beach , a 700-meter-long bay. Here the offer of hotels, inns, restaurants, bars and kiosks is more varied. The beach is famous because from there you have a view of Caitá Island, a small islet that has a single coconut tree in the center, and is surrounded by a large barrier of pink corals, among which multicolored fish live.

It is the preferred site for those who like to dive or snorkel. There are equipment rental shops and kayaks for rent, a good option for paddling to the island of Caitá. Boat trips and excursions depart from this beach that you can hire to get to know the whole island and its surroundings. The limit of the Third Beach is a landing strip for small planes coming from Salvador.

The Fourth Beach of Morro de São Paulo is about four thousand meters long, framed by an immense plantation of coconut palms and coral reefs that form a number of natural pools. This beach was listed by Terra magazine and Veja magazine as one of the 10 best beaches in Brazil. It is also the ideal place to snorkel and observe the number of small fish that live there.

If you go through the entire extension of the Fourth Beach, you will reach the Fifth Beach of Morro de São Paulo , also known as the Charming Beach . The limit of this extensive beach accompanied by a long row of palm trees, is an area of ​​mangroves. Past the mangroves and a small stream, there are deserted beaches that are also worth visiting. Boat trips depart from the town of Morro de San Pablo to get to know these paradisiacal beaches, such as the beaches of Garapuá and Pratigi.

People go to Morro de São Paulo in search of beaches during the day and parties at night. It is likely that when you arrive you will sleep very little. Morro de São Paulo is famous for its parties every day of the week and all year long. The options are varied: beach parties, bars, and live shows. There are also parties open to the public, and of course free. They’re called Luaus, and there are lots of beach stalls selling fruit caipirinhas. These festivals are also more frequented by locals. The music is varied, Brazilian rhythms such as Axé, forró, samba and also international songs.

During the summer they promote parties with different themes, but the Foam Party predominates with a live show of artists who juggle with slaves, fire and area acrobatics. Generally there are several 2 x 1 promotions. It is very common for vendors to start selling tickets early on the beach or to approach hostels to make promotions according to the number of people. You can pay in cash or credit or debit cards.

Traveler’s opinion

“I really liked the tranquility of the first beach of Morro de São Paulo! If you go at low tide you enjoy it to the fullest, warm and transparent water and small waves to entertain you! paddle or soccer tennis in the sand! at high tide there is not much beach left.”

“On the first beach of Morro de São Paulo they place a table with an umbrella and two chairs for you to drink ice-cold beer with the sea getting your feet wet. In front of your eyes you see the zip line and small boats. The waves are intense, it is not recommended for small children.”

“In the heart of the city, outside the scene but a few steps from it… The best option to stay since the view is incredible but the first beach of Morro de São Paulo is small… In 3 minutes you are on the second beach and it is on the main pedestrian street… In my opinion, the first beach has the best view of the hill…”

“The second beach of Morro de São Paulo is in the heart of the town, it has bars that offer lunch or drinks and you can use the umbrella, chairs and sometimes pastries at no cost. The sea water is cleaner than on the third beach and you can enjoy it even if the tide is low. There are corn or cheese vendors and street vendors with tights at a better price than in the downtown stores.”

“The second beach of Morro de São Paulo is clean, wide, pools during most of the day, towards the evening the tide rises and the sea begins to move. Super warm water at all times. During the day it is a family beach, from 3:00 p.m. young people arrive with music, a very fun, youthful, cool atmosphere is generated! I would go back a thousand times!”

“Ideal in low season to be on the second beach of Morro de São Paulo, there are people but not overwhelming, music, happiness, vibes, delicious food, people at our Pousada, ideal. Recommendable.”

“The third beach of Morro de São Paulo is the ideal place to stay since it is close to everything and at the same time it is the quietest part. there are many very nice inns there.”

“Beautiful beach at the third beach of Morro de São Paulo, the most photogenic day and night. enjoy both the walks along the small boulevard at night, and its stillness and tranquility during the day. It was a must visit almost every day of my stay in Morro de São Paulo, near the fourth beach, there is an area with very good shade and some stalls with excellent caipis at a very good price, not to mention being able to swim with the fish, it is just putting on the snorkel and being able to enjoy them in peace, without large crowds of people.”

“The third Beach of Morro de São Paulo” is showy, quite small, but you can see the boats around it. Nice to relax.”

“Very nice for morning walks, the third beach of Morro de São Paulo. Walk on the sand and dip your feet in the water. All boat and boat excursions depart from this beach. Hya many refreshing drink stalls to choose from.”

“The fourth beach in Morro de São Paulo is one of the furthest to walk. It is worth going and it is only 20 minutes from beach 2. The sun shines more than anything in the morning, to see the sunset it is convenient to go to Gamboa or beach 2. The fourth beach is super quiet, it almost has no inns but are the street vendors who pass every time. There are many trees and one can spend the day under one of the trees that provide incredible shade. Important! Check the state of tides before going. If the tide is very low, the water drops about 100 meters until you can get in. What is worthwhile when the tide is low is that some natural pools are set up where you can see colored fish.”

“The fourth beach of Morro de São Paulo has everything… When the tide is low, natural pools are marked… Just by wearing goggles you will see a lot of different colored fish… When the tide rises, the water is also beautiful! There is always a beach on the fourth… You find sun and shade depending on what you want and without the need to be in a parador… The corner between the third and the fourth is an excellent option to stay… Sea, sun and shade without depending on the tide and the additional thing is that there is a bar that is right on the corner (next to the hotel) that sells you the skol pure malt for 10 reais and gives it to you to take to the beach and then return the glasses and the bottle in the conservative classic that Brazilians always deliver.”

“The fourth beach of Morro de São Paulo is really a paradisiacal beach, with transparent water and white sand. There are few people and a lot of space, 0 noise, ideal to rest and get away from the noise of the center. The water is warm, during the morning the sea is shallow and you can walk meters and meters without the water reaching more than your knees, as the day goes by, the tide rises and waves form. It is one of the best beaches I have ever been to.”