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Pack of transfers for Salvador Airport / Morro de São Paulo / Salvador Airport, with 1 night at hotel in Pelourinho (in) and 1 night at hotel in Barra, both with breakfast..

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Ideal for you to make a tour on Pelourinho before going to Morro and enjoy Barra before finishing your visit to Bahia.
The pack includes:
1) accommodation in an apartment with breakfast in a hotel near the Maritime Terminal;
2) transfer Salvador Airport / Hotel;
3) ticket on the Biotur catamaran for the Salvador / Morro de São Paulo / Salvador sections;
4) transfer to hotel in Barra;
5) accomodation in an apartment with breakfast in a hotel near Farol da Barra;
6) transfer Hotel / Salvador Airport;

Pack’s hotels: Colonial Chile or Bahiacafé. Both are located near the píer and canbe accessed on foot (10 minutes). And Marzul or Hit, both are located near Farol da Barra.

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Salvador Airport / Hotel in Pelourinho / Morro de São Paulo / Hotel in Barra / Salvador Airport

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