There are 2 transfers options to Lençóis

In option 1, we make your transfer from Salvador airport to Salvador central bus station.

In the central bus station you have to buy the boarding fee at the time of boarding, because there is no sale in advance of the trip. The price is about 4 reais per person.

We reserve for you seats on the bus that makes the transfer completely terrestrial to Lençóis bus station. With the voucher that we send to your email, you withdraw the tickets directly from the bus company office, located on the top floor of the central bus station.

In Lençóis there is no transfer, the town is small and everything is very close to bus station, which is located in downtown.


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Option 2 is private transfer, indicated for groups with 7 or more people. The option of private transfer from Salvador Airport to Lençóis can be interesting and more comfortable. At the airport you take an exclusive vehicle for your group, which makes your transfer directly to your hotel in Lençóis.


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